clear alignersMany people dream about having a straight and perfectly aligned smile but have a hard time going through with it when the typical way is wearing braces for years. Luckily for our patients in San Clemente, California, in our office, Epic Family Dental, we offer ClearCorrect aligners for a discrete way to obtain straight teeth.

Clear Aligners

If you or someone in your family wants to have a straight smile but doesn’t want a mouth full of metal please come in and talk with our dentist to see if you’re a right fit for ClearCorrect.

Depending on the severity of your teeth, different sets of clear aligners are prescribed for you throughout your treatment. Each set of aligners are made to slowly push your teeth into their correct position and you can progress to a new set according to your specific program.

Other than the aligners being clear and attracting little to no attention to the fact you are straightening your teeth, benefits also include:

Unlike braces, with ClearCorrect aligners, there are no dietary restrictions because aligners can be removed during eating.

After analyzing your teeth, the dentist will give you a time frame that you can expect to be done with treatment. Treatment with ClearCorrect usually only lasts one to two years.

Instead of having to return to the office to get braces tightened, you are given your aligners to change on your own once told to by the dentist.

Many people while having braces feel embarrassed to show their smile or are constantly worried about food being stuck between brackets. With ClearCorrect, patients feel more confident in their everyday life and don’t have to change oral hygiene habits.

For fast results, we recommend that our patients with ClearCorreect wear their aligners for at least twenty-two hours a day. Only removed for eating, brushing, and flossing will keep your teeth on their path to straightening.

Call the Professionals

We have been helping our patients get their dream smile with ClearCorrect for years and we are looking forward to helping you and your family do the same. Contact us at Epic Family Dental in San Clemente, California to see if you qualify for ClearCorrect aligners today!