braces woman at dentist epic family dental in San Clemente, CAIn our office, Epic Family Dental of San Clemente, California, we believe that helping the whole family means offering some extra treatments that you wouldn’t normally find at a regular general dental practice. Because we want to give you and your family what you deserve, we offer orthodontic work for braces in our office for patients who need or even want it.

We offer two different types of orthodontic work that both can give you that straight smile that you’ve been dreaming of, traditional braces and ClearCorrect aligners.

What are Braces?

Most people know that braces are used to straighten their smile, but don’t know exactly how it works or what is used to accomplish that goal. Braces are a wire-based appliance that is made up of multiple pieces that work together to move the teeth where they are needed.

Braces can be given to children or adults who need help treating misaligned and mispositioned teeth to produce a healthy and beautiful smile. Many people who require braces are given them in their teenage years, but they can be beneficial whenever the patient decides what is best for them.

Our dentist, Dr. Sorge, has been working with traditional braces for over 18 years helping hundreds of people get their teeth and jaws aligned. Having years of experience has given Dr. Sorge and our staff the knowledge and skills to help you go through your braces process flawlessly.

Care for Your Smile

Once receiving braces, the way you clean your teeth and other aspects of your daily life will start to change slightly. Some changes that will be made will include:

You might need to take more time brushing your teeth to be sure you remove any lodged food that could be stuck around brackets.

The way you floss causes you to use a special flosser that will go around the archwire.

We highly recommend not eating sticky or hard-to-bite foods that can cause a bracket to break off.

Braces can significantly change the way that you and others view your smile and the way you feel about your overall appearance. If someone in your family has been considering straightening your teeth, please come in and see us at Epic Family Dental in San Clemente, California. We have years of experience giving our patients their dream smile.